Think About It

Think about it!

Last month when I was in Moldova for the Face of a Child Project package distribution, I had the privilege of being there with part of my family.  My wife and my father both made the trip to Moldova with me for the second time each.  It was really good for all of us to be reminded why we are doing what we do in Moldova.

When we went to visit the orphanage at Leova, of course, the kids were all waiting for us.  They had been looking forward to receiving the packages prepared for them by the sponsors and staff of Little Samaritan Mission.  But it was not all about the packages.  That day, we were greeted with song and dance by some of the kids when we arrived.  We really enjoyed the performance, but something that was said by one of the girls really struck a nerve with us.  I have “heard” these words in my mind, over and over again, many times each day since then.  She welcomed us to the school and then she turned to the other kids and said “Today our family has come to visit us”.  I was very humbled and deeply moved by that statement.

Think about it….what if you were in their situation?  Have you ever thought about what it must be like to be one of those kids?  They cannot help it that they are in the orphanage.  They cannot help it that one or both of their parents are dead, alcoholic, or abusive.  It’s not their fault that they were abandoned or kicked out of their house.  They did not choose to have their father get sick and confined to a bed leaving a mother of 4 to try to provide for the family.  Can you imagine being those parents and having to send your 4 kids to the orphanage so they have a place to eat and sleep and go to school?  Can you imagine the only “Family” you know is a group of strangers that come to visit for a couple hours once a year?  I don’t know about you, but I struggle with these thoughts and ways to fix it.

James 1:27 tells us “….care for widows and orphans in their distress and refuse to let the world corrupt you”.  That’s the good news!  I don’t have to “Fix it”.  God tells us to care for and minister to them right where they are.  God knows and loves these kids and He knows their situation.  God may choose to use us to help make a difference in the lives of some of these kids.  We just have to be willing to meet these kids where they are.  We just have to show them the love of Jesus and tell them about Him.  We need to keep our hearts and motives pure and He will bless what we are doing.  Please pray for Crossroads Compassion Project as we look for practical ways to show the love of Jesus to these young people.

Last of all….Think about YOUR family.  Have you told them lately that you love them?  Have you thanked God for them lately?  God has blessed us tremendously and I think all too often we take that for granted.  As I learn more and more about these kids and their situations, I realize how blessed I am.  I also realize how much work there is to be done.  “Will you please help us?”

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