Today we officially announce the new project that will become the “core” of Crossroads Compassion Project. PATHWAYS is the name of this ministry. We have identified ministry partners to work with in Moldova, and together and God’s blessing, we will make this dream a reality.

With God’s blessing and His provision, we will open our first home for a few young ladies who will be leaving an orphanage in the near future. We want to offer them a safe place to live. We want offer them an opportunity to continue their eduction or learn a trade or skill. We want them to know that we love and care about them. It is not enough to just tell them these things. We want to show them these things. The girls will have mentors who will help them with everyday life. They will have the love and support of a church family. They will learn first hand how a family should function. At some point in time these girls may be wives and mothers themselves. They need to see first hand how it is supposed to work.

As God blesses and directs, we hope to expand this ministry and have several homes for girls and boys in the future. Would you please consider partnering with us?

Please pray for our ministry partners, mentors, and sponsors in Moldova. We have a tremendous ministry opportunity to share the love of Christ with some incredible young ladies and young men in Moldova.  I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.  I promise you will be encouraged by what this ministry has going on in Moldova!

Please pray for Crossroads Compassion Project and PATHWAYS in particular.  We are asking God to send us the girls and boys that most need our help. We also need God’s provision to make this happen!

Tony Mullen – President

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