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Agreement to Terms & Refund Policy:

1-    All donations to Crossroads Compassion Project, Inc. are tax deductible.  You will receive a tax deduction receipt from Crossroads Compassion Project, Inc.  However, to date, our 501(c)3 determination letter has not yet become official because we are such a new ministry.  We are assured that this determination is a formality, and will be granted, but there is some risk on your part in taking this tax deduction until our tax exempt status becomes official.  If, in the unlikely event that we are not granted tax exempt status, you have filed a tax deduction, you will have to ammend your return.  Again, we are assured this will not be an issue, but we want you to be aware of this situation.

2-    When your transaction is complete, you will be directed to a receipt page.  Please print the receipt provided at the end of your transaction for your tax records.  You will also receive an email receipt detailing your transaction.

3-    Donations are 100% refundable if you contact us within 72 hours of your donation.  Please CLICK HERE to complete a contact form if you have made a donation that you need to have refunded.  The timestamp on your contact form will be used to determine if you have completed your refund request within the 72 hour window of your donation.

4-    Donations are made to the general fund of the Crossroads Compassion Project, Inc. and will be used primarily to meet the basic physical, spiritual and emotional needs of orphans, impoverished and “at-risk” children in Eastern Europe and the rest of the world, and to promote education as an alternative to human trafficking.  No goods or services will be given in exchange for donations.

5-    Crossroads Compassion Project, Inc. has the ultimate authority to use contributions at our discretion for purposes consistent with our stated mission and goals.


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Not sure about donating online?  You can also mail a check to:

Crossroads Compassion Project, Inc.
PO Box 483
Claremont, NC 28610



When you click the donate button, you will be taken to a new window to complete your transaction.  Once you have printed your receipt, simply close the window to return to the Crossroads Compassion Project website.  By clicking the donate button, I agree to the terms and conditions listed above.

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