Marty Herndon

Marty Herndon is Executive Vice President at Chief Operating Officer at Snider Fleet Solutions, Greensboro, NC. He attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, and Fruitland Bible Institute in Hendersonville, NC. He is a member of the Cove Church in Mooresville, NC and serves in a leadership position at its satellite campus in Newton, NC. Marty has a burden to assist in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of orphaned and underprivileged children in many areas of the world. He and his wife Tina visited Moldova in 2006 with a mission team, and the exposure to those children has forever changed his view of James 1:27 regarding “pure and undefiled religion.” He is excited and feels privileged to be a part of Crossroads Compassion Project. Marty along with his family is also involved in varying degrees with Compassion InternationalWorld Vision, Paul Miller Home, Little Samaritan’s MissionSamaritan’s Purse, and Samaritan’s Feet. Marty and Tina reside in Conover, NC with their sons, Seth, and Micah.

David Mills

David Mills is lead pastor of The Journey Church in Havelock, NC.  David first became interested in working with orphans in 2008, when he visited the Republic of Moldova on a mission trip.  Since then, David has become passionate about meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of these children.  He and his wife, Ellen, became involved with the Little Samaritan Mission Face of a Child Project.  They continue to work with this ministry today. In 2012, David became aware of the fact that there are 27 million modern-day slaves in the world.  This took his passion in an entirely new direction.  While working at a camp for orphans that summer, David came face to face with the reality that many of these children would wind up becoming one of those 27 million if something wasn’t done.

Though familiar with the work of the A21 Campaign and other abolition groups, it seemed there was something missing for the orphans.  There seemed to be much help for them as children, and there were groups to help them once they had been trafficked, but there was no group there to help them transition from the orphanage to mainstream, everyday life.  David began praying that God would raise up someone to meet this need, not knowing that it would be him that would be a part.  At Tony’s invitation, David joined the CCP team in August 2012. David and Ellen remain passionate about meeting the needs of orphans and impoverished children through adoption advocacy, helping raise awareness to modern-day slavery and human trafficking, and through raising funds to help combat this evil. David and Ellen have two daughters, Ashlyn and Natalie.

Jonathan Huffman

Jonathan Huffman is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in Textile Engineering.  Shortly after school, Jonathan went to work for a textile company where he steadily progressed until his current position as Operations Manager.  Jonathan has had a desire to work with youth since being greatly inspired by the care and commitment that a lay leader demonstrated toward Jonathan when he was crossing from childhood into adulthood.  Because of this, Jonathan has taught various youth Sunday school classes and served in youth ministry for over 15 years.

Tony Mullen shared with his church the opportunities that Little Samaritan Mission’s Face of a Child Project has in helping to be the hands and feet of Jesus to children and youth in Moldova.   After this, Jonathan and his wife Christy began sponsoring a child.  Sponsoring one child grew to sponsoring several children and that grew to helping Tony and Little Samaritan Mission with Face of a Child.  Both Jonathan and Christy have been to Moldova where they were blessed by people they meet there, especially the children and youth.  One experience that inspired Jonathan to look for ways to become more involved in helping youth in need was when he witnessed a boy’s excitement over a gift.  The boy did not get excited when he received the package; but he was overwhelmed with emotion when he saw a picture of himself on the gift.  The picture told the boy that the gift was given with him specifically in mind. When Tony shared with Jonathan the vision he received for further helping “at risk” children who are at a critical stage in their life, it was an answer to prayer.  Jonathan feels that what that boy and people in general desire most is not physical possessions, but Love and Hope.  Crossroads Compassion Project is an opportunity for Jonathan to demonstrate God’s love through the very practical way of meeting the real needs of those who have little means. Jonathan and Christy have two young daughters, Sydney and Madison.

Tony Mullen

Tony Mullen is a business man with a passion for helping orphans.  In 2003, God prompted Tony and his wife to adopt a child.  They spent almost a month in Kiev, Ukraine searching for the little girl that God had chosen to become a part of their family.  God used this time to show them how great the need is to minister to “The least of these.” (Matt. 25:40)  Little did they know, God was calling them to ministry to the orphans of Eastern Europe.
After returning home to North Carolina with their new daughter in 2004, Tony connected with Little Samaritan Mission.  Tony and his family began working as volunteers at Little Samaritan Mission to minister to orphans and impoverished children in the Republic of Moldova.  Using his background and skills in transportation and logistics, Tony eventually became the L.S.M. Project Coordinator for the Face of a Child Project. Now, God has asked Tony to take the next step.  God has given Tony a tremendous burden for the children that are “Aging out” of the orphanages in Moldova.  This burden was shared with a few close friends and as a result, Crossroads Compassion Project Inc. was born.  Crossroads Compassion Project and its volunteers and advocates will work to meet the basic physical, spiritual and emotional needs of orphans, impoverished and “at-risk” children in Eastern Europe and the rest of the world, and to promote education as an alternative to human trafficking. Tony and his wife Teresa have two daughters, Suzanne and Elizabeth.