As we see in scripture, when Jesus ministered to people, he often times met their physical needs first.  We do well to learn from His example.  With God’s help, we launched the Pathways Project in Chisinau, Moldova.  Pathways is a ministry to “at risk” young people.  These are kids from very difficult home situations or kids that are aging out of the State run orphanages in Moldova.  These kids must leave their orphanages after the 9th grade.  These girls and boys are about 16 years old.  They are extremely vulnerable and without some type of intervention, many of them may be at risk to become victims of human trafficking.

We want to offer these young people a safe place to stay.  We want them to see, first-hand, the love of Jesus Christ through their mentors, peers, and the Body of Christ in Moldova.   Together, we will help them continue their education, develop life skills, and integrate into mainstream society.  All while pointing them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pathways is the “Core” project of Crossroads Compassion Project.  The average cost to support a girl or boy is about $100 USD per month for basic care.