Jonathan Huffman

Jonathan Huffman is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in Textile Engineering.  Shortly after school, Jonathan went to work for a textile company where he steadily progressed until his current position as Operations Manager.  Jonathan has had a desire to work with youth since being greatly inspired by the care and commitment that a lay leader demonstrated toward Jonathan when he was crossing from childhood into adulthood.  Because of this, Jonathan has taught various youth Sunday school classes and served in youth ministry for over 15 years.

Tony Mullen shared with his church the opportunities that Little Samaritan Mission’s Face of a Child Project has in helping to be the hands and feet of Jesus to children and youth in Moldova.   After this, Jonathan and his wife Christy began sponsoring a child.  Sponsoring one child grew to sponsoring several children and that grew to helping Tony and Little Samaritan Mission with Face of a Child.  Both Jonathan and Christy have been to Moldova where they were blessed by people they meet there, especially the children and youth.  One experience that inspired Jonathan to look for ways to become more involved in helping youth in need was when he witnessed a boy’s excitement over a gift.  The boy did not get excited when he received the package; but he was overwhelmed with emotion when he saw a picture of himself on the gift.  The picture told the boy that the gift was given with him specifically in mind. When Tony shared with Jonathan the vision he received for further helping “at risk” children who are at a critical stage in their life, it was an answer to prayer.  Jonathan feels that what that boy and people in general desire most is not physical possessions, but Love and Hope.  Crossroads Compassion Project is an opportunity for Jonathan to demonstrate God’s love through the very practical way of meeting the real needs of those who have little means. Jonathan and Christy have two young daughters, Sydney and Madison.

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