Tony Mullen

Tony Mullen is a business man with a passion for helping orphans.  In 2003, God prompted Tony and his wife to adopt a child.  They spent almost a month in Kiev, Ukraine searching for the little girl that God had chosen to become a part of their family.  God used this time to show them how great the need is to minister to “The least of these.” (Matt. 25:40)  Little did they know, God was calling them to ministry to the orphans of Eastern Europe.
After returning home to North Carolina with their new daughter in 2004, Tony connected with Little Samaritan Mission.  Tony and his family began working as volunteers at Little Samaritan Mission to minister to orphans and impoverished children in the Republic of Moldova.  Using his background and skills in transportation and logistics, Tony eventually became the L.S.M. Project Coordinator for the Face of a Child Project. Now, God has asked Tony to take the next step.  God has given Tony a tremendous burden for the children that are “Aging out” of the orphanages in Moldova.  This burden was shared with a few close friends and as a result, Crossroads Compassion Project Inc. was born.  Crossroads Compassion Project and its volunteers and advocates will work to meet the basic physical, spiritual and emotional needs of orphans, impoverished and “at-risk” children in Eastern Europe and the rest of the world, and to promote education as an alternative to human trafficking. Tony and his wife Teresa have two daughters, Suzanne and Elizabeth.
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