About Us

Crossroads Compassion Project was born as a result of God stirring the hearts of a small number of people with a passion for orphans.  All of the staff of Crossroads Compassion Project has been involved in ministry to orphans in Moldova for several years.  All of them have been to Moldova to minister to these children personally.

Since 2001, we have worked with Little Samaritan Mission to minister in Moldova.  L.S.M. has a broad range of ministry to orphans and to children and elderly people in impoverished villages in Moldova.  We were introduced to these wonderful children in Moldova through Little Samaritan Mission’s Face of a Child Project.  The Face of a Child Project is designed to meet the most basic physical needs of the children in the project.  But one of the things that had always been troubling to think about is “What happens after the orphanage?”

The children in the orphanages must leave after they complete the 9th grade.  They are given about 400 lei (a little over $30 USD) and a bus ticket to wherever they came from.  These are 15-16 year old kids that are now on their own and in many cases, alone on the streets.  The statistics on these kids are not good.  Many of them will become involved in human trafficking within a year of leaving the orphanage.

Recently, we were able to able to host a week long camp for 60 orphans from the south of Moldova.  During our time in the camp, we were able to build relationships with many of the kids and they began to open up to us.  Late one night a group of us were gathered around a picnic table, just talking about life.  One young girl was just weeping as she told us how much she feared her future.  She will have to leave the orphanage at the end of the next school year.  She was physically shaking as she shared this with us.  She told us that she had no place to go and she didn’t know what she was going to do.  Then she looked me in the eye and asked me, “Will you please help me?”  I didn’t know what to say!  But before I could even process what just happened, 3 more girls spoke up and said “It is the same for us.”  Now the plea had changed to “Will you help us?”  WOW!  I think I said something like “Well….I’ll try to think of something” – Pretty lame answer, I know.  That night I did not sleep well.  I knew I had to do something.  I sensed that God was telling me it was time to take the next step.  After much prayer, wise counsel, and a tremendous outpouring of support from friends and family, Crossroads Compassion Project was born.

The name was chosen because at this point in their lives these kids are at a crossroads.  With a little compassion, we can help give these kids a chance.  We can offer them a safe place to live.  Some will learn a trade that they can use to support themselves later in life.  Some will get to pursue their dream of attending University.  Most importantly, all of them will see and feel the love of Jesus Christ first hand.  Hopefully they will all come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our mission is simply this.  Crossroads Compassion Project and its volunteers and advocates will work to meet the basic physical, spiritual and emotional needs of orphans, impoverished and “at-risk” children in Eastern Europe and the rest of the world, and to promote education as an alternative to human trafficking.

Tony Mullen – President