Tell Me…Why?

Tell me…WHY?

As this year draws towards an end, I find myself traveling a great deal these days for my day job. You know it’s getting bad when the hotels are sending you emails saying “We are looking forward to your upcoming visit.” When I get to the hotel, I often find myself tuning in to the news channels to find out what is going on around the world.

Today it seems as if the earth is about to stop spinning on its axis because Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is sick. Today’s top story on the front page of the USA Today is all about the recent Grammy nominations. GIVE ME A BREAK! You know, I really hate it that the Duchess is not feeling well. But when a Duchess vomits, it is NOT news worthy! And I honestly could not care less about the Grammy nominations. Of all of those nominated, I have only even heard of one of them.

NOWHERE on the news today have I heard ANYTHING about human trafficking! Not one word have I heard spoken or read in print about modern day slavery. For that matter, I have not heard, seen or read ANYTHING in the media for a couple months. The last story I can recall reading in the media was a story in newspaper that I picked up in Munich, Germany in October.

WHY? Why is this problem not in our headlines on a daily basis? If 27 Million people suddenly went blind, that would be a tragedy. Every news outlet on the planet would be talking about it. What happened? Why? Is there a cure? How can we stop it from spreading? They would be all over it! Well today it is estimated that there are 27 Million people being held as human slaves around the world. Yet, the media outlets of today are looking the other way. Perhaps our culture has indeed been stricken with a form of blindness.

Who will speak out for the victims? Who will step up and reach out to the vulnerable to keep them from becoming victims? 27 Million for many is hard to comprehend. But what Alina? What about Veronica, Mihaela, Carolina, Svetlana, and Daniela? Now it starts to get personal. These are just a few who will need our help in the very near future. These are REAL people who are very much at risk. These are some of the girls that Crossroads Compassion Project hopes to reach out to very soon.

“The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that’s the essence of inhumanity” – George Bernard Shaw

“Will you please help us?”

Will You Help Us?

“Will you help us?”  I don’t think I’ve ever had four words cut to my heart quite the way those words did!  I was sitting there with Tony, the president of CCP, and several young ladies who were about to age out of the orphanage where they lived at the end of the school year.  You could see the fear through the tears in their eyes.  I don’t really know what hurt worse, seeing the tears, hearing the fear in their voice, or feeling like I had no hope to offer them.  I mean, they had hope…earlier that night they had passed from death to life through a relationship with Jesus, but still, I couldn’t look them in the eye and say, “You’ll be alright. Nobody will be able to hurt you now.”  It just wasn’t true.  I knew that there were plenty of organizations to help them when they eventually were trafficked, but there simply were no groups, at least to my knowledge, that were actively trying to keep them from being trafficked in the first place.  I felt so useless.  You see, according to many organizations, Moldova has one of the highest rates of human trafficking in the world.  The girls that grow up in orphanages and then age out are trafficked (usually forced into a life of prostitution) at an alarming rate.  Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say it is a large majority.  For the young men, it is not much better.  They, in similar percentages, end up in organized crime.  I came home from that trip with a broken heart.  I wanted to do something, but didn’t know exactly what.  I knew that if there was to be any real work done, a new ministry would have to be started.  Then, about a month later, Tony calls.  ”Hey man, I’ve been thinking a lot about what those girls said, and I have to do something.”  A huge smile came across my face, and I knew that this would be the answer.  Before long, Tony, Jonathan and I were sitting at a table working on the paperwork to begin Crossroads Compassion Project.  I don’t know where God will take this ministry, but I know that it is an answer to prayer, and that I now have the answer; “Yes we WILL help you!”